Selling your property, just like buying a property is one of biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. When it comes time to sell you want to get the best financial result you can!

Many homeowners are only in the market on a few occasions in their lifetime, so it can be hard to work out just what is the right approach to take.

This is why you need a good and honest agent- we may not always tell you what you want to hear but we will provide you with the information that will result in a sale. We will provide you with the simple answers to selling at a premium price, how to reach as many buyers as possible and make a good first impression.  We will advise you on how to present your property to make it attractive to the buyers in the current market.   One of the best ways to come through selling your property unscathed is to seek professional advice.  Andrew Winter states even though he was a real estate agent for 25 years, when it came to selling his own house he sold it using another agent.  It takes the emotion out of the process. Agents also know how to handle negotiations which are the crucial thing you have to get right along with all the legal requirements outlined by the state and federal government.


Research shows that the best way to reach all potential buyers is to invest in marketing of your property that entails a complete campaign including print and online along with making sure your property is presented for sale.   Small increases in the amount you are prepared to spend on your marketing your property and its presentation can have a huge impact on the final sale price you achieve.

There are a lot of ways to market your property.  For example, sign boards, online and in newspapers. While on line marketing may appear to be cost effective, selecting this as your only method of advertising could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.    Vendors who want to sell their property for the highest possible price need to make sure their property is not overlooked. They need to reach all buyers- not just a small group.  If you exclude one media type (ie print) from your marketing campaign you run the risk of reducing the effectiveness of the other media you have invested in.


Don’t think all buyers search properties like you do. Be open to all avenues that buyers use and the ways they view properties.  Reach them whether they are young or old, families or singles, local or out of the area, active or passive, male or female, emotional or rationale.  8 out of 10 People over the age of 55 have read a newspaper in the last week and research shows this demographic has disposable income to spend or invest. Also many people will buy within a 10 klm radius of where they currently live.




De-clutter, repair, clean – Determining what will deliver the best return

You can dramatically increase your property’s market potential by paying attention to detail. Potential purchasers need to be able to visualise themselves living in your house. You are selling a lifestyle as well as a home.

First impressions are lasting. It is vital to create the right impression as potential buyers form an opinion of your home fast – in fact often within the first

20 seconds of arriving to view the property.

Colour’s, furniture, lighting & outdoors can appeal to buyers and can potentially push your price higher.

The exterior should be painted/clean and the lawns and gardens well maintained, swept and weeded driveways and paths. Attend to any obvious repairs otherwise prospective purchasers may not even make the viewing and if they do they may take the amounts to fix these repairs of the price they will offer for the property.

Presenting your interior……

Remove clutter. This is very important. Too many items can make the home seem cramped and smaller than it is. Huge amounts of personal photos can sometimes hinder the buyer from imagining they are living in the home.

Cleanliness is godliness. Ensure your home is presented as cleanly as possible. Even though it is important to de-clutter and be clean ensure not to go too far and have your home looking too clinical and empty.

Appeal to the senses. Colours should be light and neutral when selling your home. Studies prove that people react more positively to properties with good lighting. Mirrors can be used to magnify the feeling of space and light. Curtains opened to create a light cheerful atmosphere. Prior to viewings ensure all the lights in the house are on to help achieve a light cheerful setting. Try to create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere in your house. A clean smell is important. Fresh flowers and fresh coffee can help. Avoid unpleasant smells such as damp, cigarettes and pet odour’s.

Home Staging

Preparing your home to sell can be a very stressful time. It can be difficult to keep up the enthusiasm and energy that’s involved in selling your property when you really just want to start the new chapter in your life.

show your property in its best light which can assist you in getting a quick sale for the best possible price.

It’s a fact that only 5% of the population has the ability to visualise beyond what’s in front of them. Clutter, family photos, wardrobes filled beyond capacity – all these things can immediately distract a potential buyer because they cannot imagine their own personality in the home or perhaps even get a sense of the true space.

Buyers are prepared to pay a premium for a home that stands out from the rest, move-in ready and makes them feel good. That’s right – makes them feel good. The goal of staging your property is to capture the emotions of a potential buyer – from the photos on the Internet and secondly at open inspections. You want to encourage buyers to imagine what it would be like to live in the home.

STAGING YOUR HOME FOR SALE is taking a room from this


On the other end of the spectrum, an empty home can lack soul. Not only does this not set the mood for potential buyers, but also if the space is devoid of furniture buyers will pick it to pieces, look at every little detail and find every small scratch on the wall or kick boards. They also might not be able to get a sense of what should go where. Placing the right furniture in just the right way and creating zoned areas provide an overall impression.

It has been proven time and time again that staging your home can dramatically increase your chances of selling at your asking price and market research has shown that it also reduces the time your house is on the market.